Juan Pablo Diaz Martinez

Juan Pablo Diaz Martinez, BSc, MSc, PhD (c)


Current Position and Professional Functions

Juan Pablo is a biostatistician at the Biostatistics Research Unit at the Toronto General Hospital. Working with data from observational studies, surveys, randomized clinical trials he conducts statistical analyses and helps other researchers writing drafts for publication.

Education and Training

Juan Pablo completed a Bachelor of Science degree in actuarial science at UNAM in 2014 and a Master of Science degree with a specialization in health research methodology at McMaster University in 2017. Currently he is Philosophy Doctor candidate at the University of Toronto specializing in health services research under the supervision of Dr. Murray Krahn and Dr. Nicholas Mitsakakis.

Research Interests and Expertise

Juan Pablo has been conducting cost-effectiveness studies for over 4 years in the public and private sector. In addition, he has done some work in decision modelling, latent class models and evidence synthesis methods using both Bayesian and classical approaches.
Currently, Juan Pablo is learning about how machine learning in healthcare can be used in economic evaluation of health technologies in healthcare.