Instructions for projects without approval



Please note:

Before a project is submitted to the BRU, it needs to be approved by the designated ‘gatekeeper’ in your division or centre,
as listed below.


General Internal Medicine, UHN/Mt. Sinai: Dr. Pete Cram
Cardiology, UHN/Mt. Sinai: Dr. Mike Domanski
Respirology & Critical care/ICU program, UHN/Mt. Sinai: Dr. John Granton
THETA Collaborative: Dr. Murray Krahn
The HoPingKong Centre for Excellence in Education and Practice (CEEP): Dr. Rodrigo Cavalcanti
Infectious Diseases: Dr. Sharon Walmsley or
Dr. Rupert Kaul

After you have submitted a request, an email will be sent to your gatekeeper with the details of the request.